Plantation Timbers has a comprehensive corporate documentation system which includes a Quality Assurance System which details all our office and field activities, Staff policies, including procedures and forms, a Contractor induction process and general Corporate governance documentation.

The following documents provide the index to the various systems and policies:

Quality Assurance

Staff policies including procedures and forms

Contractor induction

Corporate governance


Plantation Timbers is committed to the health and safety of all its employees and contractors with the primary goal to have an injury free workplace through the elimination of hazards, work practices and behaviour that have the potential to affect the health of or cause injury or accidents to employees, contractors or members of the public.




  • Compliance with relevant statutory obligations.
  • To promote a positive health and safety culture to the highest standard.
  • To provide appropriate resources for the establishment and maintenance of safe systems of work.


Plantation Timbers acknowledges the importance of Work Health and Safety in the workplace and therefore requires that employees, contractors and their employees perform their specific tasks in such a way that ensures the safety of employees, themselves and other contractors, and their employees, by providing safe plant and systems of work and managing occupational health and safety at the work place in a diligent and responsible manner.

Plantation Timbers recognises that health and safety issues and commitment to quality assured practices is paramount to building a successful business. Workplace health and safety is dependent on the commitment of all persons in the work place with the ultimate responsibility lying with Plantation Timbers as the managers and employers.


Plantation Timbers are a predominantly contractor based employer and recognises the need to provide a safe management system for the control of contracted work undertaken on Plantation Timbers managed property.



The Board has adopted a Code of Conduct to guide the directors and promote high ethical and professional standards and responsible decision making.

In addition, the company has adopted a Code of Ethics and Conduct for all employees including directors. The Code of Ethics and Conduct is aimed at maintaining the highest ethical standards, corporate behaviour and accountability across the group. Employees and directors are expected to respect the law; respect confidentiality; properly use group assets, information and facilities; value and maintain professionalism; avoid conflicts of interest; act in the best interests of shareholders; contribute to the company’s reputation as a good corporate citizen; and act with honesty, integrity, decency and responsibility at all times.

The company encourages the reporting of unlawful and unethical behaviour, actively promotes and monitors compliance with the Code and protects those who report breaches in good faith.

The Code of Ethics and Conduct provides protection to whistleblowers as required by the Corporations Act 2001. Under the Code, whistleblowers are protected from any disadvantage, prejudice or victimisation for reports of any breaches of the Code or the Corporations Act 2001 that are made in good faith.